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Ashley is an ABC Certified vet assistant and dog trainer (Pet CPR certified as well) with almost 30 years of pet care experience, 15 years professionally. She has worked in or volunteered for multiple animal shelters, breeders, vets, farms and pet stores. No pet is off limits, everything from pocket pets to farm animals!

Your pet is guaranteed to be treated as my own while in my care. I am ready for whatever stage of life your pet is in! Does your puppy need help with manners or housebreaking? Maybe some extra playtime to get rid of all that energy? Does your senior needs meds during the day or extra potty breaks, since they can't "hold it" like they used to? What about help standing, or getting up and down steps? Call us!


Pictures and updates after every visit! Many references available! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

About Us:




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