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Why choose Right at Home?

Do you have a friend who has a mid-day dog walker? Or maybe they have someone who stays at home with their dog while they are on vacation? Well here are some reasons to choose Right at Home!

Maybe you've come home once or twice to a destroyed house after a long day at work? Maybe your dog has been crated all day and now wants to run when all you want to do is relax? With Right at Home's mid-day visits, your pup can get anything from a quick bathroom break to a nice long run at the park. You won't have to feel bad for working such long hours and your pup will be happy to cuddle up on the couch and watch tv until bedtime. We even offer obedience training walks!


Regular exercise = Happier, healthier, and longer living pups!

And hey, vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? That's why so many people choose Right at Home pet sitters, instead of boarding facilities or having the neighbor's kids come over.


1.) You can't beat the convenience, pick ups and drop offs are easy to schedule, and it is one less family member to worry about while packing. Plus, no need to worry about your travels getting delayed, we are only a phone call away in case something happens! 

2.) Do you have a senior or rescue pet? The kennel environment can be super stressful for them! A former shelter pet won't understand that this kennel is only for a short time and may become very depressed. The small kennels and hard floors can be hard on our old dogs' bones and joints. Your young dog will spend most of its days in a small kennel with only a few hours of "playtime" throughout the day (which is usually only a larger kennel outside to do their business). Not to mention any potential illness' they could pick up. 

3.) "But kennels/friend's kids are cheaper." Maybe so, but for only a extra few bucks a day your pet is safe in the comfort of their own home, or busy having a blast with their new friends. And at Right at Home, we only charge a small fee for additional pets instead of the full price most boarding facilities charge. We never charge for giving medications!

Right at Home is vet assistant and pet CPR certified and ready for any emergency that may occur. Even though the kid down the street "loves animals", we all know they aren't always the most reliable. Your pet will be our main focus while they are in our care. Lots of belly rubs and playtime! We will even help your old guy or gal off of floor and up or down the steps!

You wouldn't trust your 2-legged children to just ANYONE, would you?


Why do it with your 4-legged children? 

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